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Exploring Neuromarketing in Wine

Pierre Spahni, Lulu Publishing

June 2016, 82 pages, ISBN ISBN 978-1-4834-5320-0 (printed book)
ISBN 978-1-4834-5319-4 (e-book)


This little book on wine marketing uses the form of a novella to explore our buying decision process in the light of recent advances in neuroscience. It deals with the issues of wine quality and value that are central to our (non-conscious) everyday choices. The action is set in Switzerland, whose long protected but now open market is taken as a backdrop for Maggie Chardonnay's story.

Dialogues allow for a light tone and a casual treatment of issues that have remained the preserve of economists and marketing buffs for too long: wine attributes, expected benefits, occasions and moods, market segmentation, drinkers' profiles, attribute framing, salience, shortcuts, experience goods, positional goods, luxury and millennials' preferences. You'll also learn about trust, non-conscious decisions and our tendency to rationalise after every purchase we make, about the role of tasting, and why more expensive wines and locally grown produce tend to taste better.

Written by the author of classic books on the wine business and economics, Maggie Chardonnay is aimed at students, wine producers, marketers and consumers around the globe who share an interest in negotiating the frontier between neuromarketing and wine.



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