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Background academic works to the 'wine and economics' entry in the the Oxford Companion to Wine edited by Jancis Robinson (Oxford University Press). The few books on this topic are listed separately. All contributions are featured in chronological order.


Ricardo D (1817) On The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, John Murray, London. Chapter 7 On Foreign Trade features the famous 'wine-for-cloth' example he used to illustrate comparative advantage.
Here is a
link to a free copy of it (courtesy of The Liberty Fund).

Milhau J (1935) Etude Econométrique du Prix du Vin en France, Graille-Castelnau, Montpellier.

Bartoli P, Boulet D, Lacombe P, Laporte J-P, Lifran R and Montaigne E (1987) Economie Viticole de la France, INRA, Montpellier.

Spahni P (1988) The Common Wine Policy And Price Stabilization, Avebury, Aldershot.

Spahni P and Labys W C (1992) Le Vin, Economica, Paris.

Spahni P (1995, 2000) The International Wine Trade, Woodhead, Cambridge.

Anderson K (editor) (2004) The World's Wine Markets: Globalization at Work, Edwar Elgar, London.



AAEA  American Agricultural Economics Association
ABARE Australian Bureau of Aagricultural and Resource Economics
EC    European Communities (current European Union)
ECE   Economic Commission for Europe
FAO   Food and Agriculture Organisation
GATT  General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (current WTO)
INRA  Institut national de recherche agronomique
OIV   Organisation internationale de la vigne et du vin
USDA  United States Department of Agriculture
WTO  World Trade Organisation

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