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French - English - French Dictionary of

Wine Economic Expressions

& other useful terms

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Once on the relevant page you may use your own browser's 'find' facility to speed up your search. Originally conceived as an aid to economists wading their way through French wine reports and statistics at the University of Adelaide, the WEE Dictionary has taken on a new dimension.

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'-' to indicate a repetition of the previous word/s. E.g. 'bunch of grapes, cluster - -' should be read as: 'bunch of grapes, cluster of grapes';

'()' to suggest that a word can be omitted, as in 'accord (commercial) = (trade) agreement', which means both that 'accord commercial = trade agreement' and that 'accord = agreement'.

'[]' to mark an abbreviation or explanation, as in 'hectolitre [22 UK gallons ; 26.4 US gallons]';

'd-wee' can also be accessed from www.lexicool.com - one of the most comprehensive directories of bilingual and multilingual dictionaries on the internet. The site has a fully searchable database, with hundreds of titles referenced.

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